Closed Circuit Television (CCTVs) and cameras are ideal for private properties and businesses concerned with security, and offer a great way to monitor the premises at all times. At Buckley’s Securitysmiths, we will work with you to provide a full property assessment, taking into consideration high traffic areas and any equipment or possessions that are at a higher risk for theft. Once the CCTV and camera spots are established, we’ll provide provide professional installation and system maintenance if needed.

Because video surveillance systems are one of our specialties at Buckley’s, you can rest assured knowing your property is in good hands when it’s being monitored by one of our high quality CCTVs. We can also provide you with complete systems that are pre-configured and easy to install if you prefer to handle the setup yourself.

Questions regarding our CCTVs or our installation and maintenance services? Give us a call at 804-526-4305 today! We look forward to giving you a prompt response.