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Peace of Mind, or Actual Effective Security?


Badge Reader For Access Control.

Are you still distributing metal keys to your building or sharing the same access code with anyone who needs it? Does your low-res security video make people look blurry? If so, you should realize that your security system is for peace of mind, rather than protection. We’re local security specialists and certified, insured and registered locksmiths. We provide protection.

Serious Security, Kept Simple

We’re Buckleys Securitysmiths in Colonial Heights, VA. We believe that there is a right access control solution for your building. We leverage security technology, physical protection and have extensive experience with managed access control and security.

Raise Your Standard of Security

If you need more protection, we provide it. For example, have you heard of two-factor authentication (2FA)? Using a keypad code plus a fingerprint lock or electronic key card, we create access control that’s much harder to beat. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) explains.

Getting the Job Done

Networking Makes Installation and Expansion Easier

An extensive wiring project isn’t necessary. Many of the products we install are part of a wireless security system or connect to a wired IP network. Door entry systems, card readers and security cameras just connect to the nearest network router port or Wi-Fi access point on your secure network.

Security and People

Video Accountability

IP-based security camera systems save video and images over the network, both on a local hard drive and in the cloud where they can’t be touched. If your authorized people let unauthorized others in, you’ll have HD video. Catch trespassers: some systems will send your smartphone still pictures whenever your cameras sense movement around your doors.

Control Emergency Access

With some systems, you can grant special access remotely after checking the camera image. Use your smartphone to let a repair person in for an emergency plumbing leak or heating failure.

Efficient Access Control

“Swipe and Pull” Lock Systems

A typical door system will respond to your card passing near a proximity card reader and command electric strikes to allow you to pull the door open. There’s no more fiddling with keys to unlock the door.

Secure with Fast Electronic Door Access in Production Environments

Magnetic lock systems are great for factory production environments. Workers can use electronic key cards to access secure areas such as those with high-value materials, pushing a cart through the doorway when the maglock releases it. Monitor the area with an IP camera for extra security.

Your Local Security Specialists and Locksmiths On-Call and Nearby

We’re mobile, serving our shop area in Colonial Heights and also Petersburg and Chester, VA.

Certified, Registered, and We Know Access Control

As locksmiths as well as security specialists, we uphold a standard of ethics. We offer honest pricing and guaranteed service to our customers. Our expertise can help you secure and protect your home or facility in a way that makes your life easier, not more complicated. Contact us.

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