Security Systems

We Can Integrate Your Security Systems, Cameras, and Electric Door Hardware

Your security system is your peace of mind. A robust security system can monitor many different things within your home or place of work so you aren’t vulnerable to the ill actions of others. Specialty locks, security cameras, electronic access systems, and real-time monitoring ensure that you and law enforcement authorities can respond appropriately when necessary. Partner with Buckley’s Securitysmiths to address your security needs in Colonial Heights and the surrounding area.

Initiating Your Security System Installation

Security systems are not a one-size-fits-all proposition. After you call Buckley’s to work on your security needs, we’ll meet with you to discuss exactly the types of hardware and technology you’d like to compose your security package. Home security systems, commercial security systems, and school security systems differ in the types of activities monitored and equipment installed.

Business and School Security Systems

Security Systems

The Wiring For An Access Control & Security System

Many business and school systems include the installation of electronic access and locking systems where authorized personnel can enter using electronic key cards. Those types of locations also commonly install real-time video surveillance systems that include DVR CCTV monitoring on site as well as connections to monitoring centers. During commercial project scoping, we’ll evaluate all of the doors and windows or alternative access points in the building to ensure the entire location is secured by the equipment we provide.

Home Security Systems

Home security systems may not need to be as robust as those in commercial locations. However, homeowners do have a lot of options to decide between for their at-home security and monitoring equipment and services. Video recording systems can watch entry doors as well as mail delivery locations to monitor against people who might try to enter your home or take your packages. Monitoring systems can be a valuable deterrent to theft. In addition, alarmed windows and doorways help ensure that only people who belong in your home go into it.

Installing Your Security System

After you’ve designed your commercial or residential security system, we’ll schedule your installation. For your convenience and the convenience of your employees or family members, we can find a time to have access to your entire location without hindering the work or activities of others. We’ll need to be able to reach all of your windows and doorways as well as every location where we’ll install video monitoring devices. Simple installations may take only a couple of hours while large locations may require one or two days of installation work. We’ll finish as expeditiously as possible while also ensuring everything is done to your satisfaction.

Partnering with Buckley’s Securitysmiths

Buckley’s Securitysmiths is located in Colonial Heights and has served the security needs of this part of Virginia since 1985. Our mobile services also reach Petersburg and Chester, VA. Our security personnel are well-trained in the latest security equipment and monitoring options. We are certified, registered and insured to work on your property and projects. We offer honest pricing with no hidden fees and guarantee our service on every single job. Partner with Buckley’s for all of your home or commercial security needs.

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