Door Repair & Door Hardware

We Can Service Your Door & All The Door Hardware

Buckleys Securitysmiths now offers door repair and hardware replacement. We are the top residential and commercial door repair service company in Colonial Heights, VA. Our mobile technicians come to you when you need help with your business or home door in Petersburg and Chester.

Our Home and Commercial Door Repair Services

With everyday wear and tear, commercial doors can warp or become misaligned. Our technicians have decades worth of experience and it’s our pleasure to keep your doors in tiptop shape.

We Install Door Hardware


This Commercial Metal Door has hinges, door closer, door stop, exit device, outside trim handle. We Can Install & Service it all.

Our technicians install all types of door hardware. Here’s an overview of the process to give you an idea what to expect while we are on site. First, we take off the existing door hardware. Depending on the material and age of your door hardware, there may be two machine screws on the interior side of the handle, among other fasteners.

When we install the new hardware, the first thing that goes on is the latch. These can be installed on either side, so we take care to get the placement correct. The interior side handle is positioned through the latch mechanism. Then, the exterior side is aligned via the screw holes and the two machine screws are installed. Finally, we put the strike plate in the doorjamb to complete the job.

Our Door Installation and Repair Includes:

We are a full-service locksmith service, but our specialty is doors and we are happy to tackle repair and replacement of:

  • Commercial Entry Doors
  • Commercial Knobs and Hardware
  • Cylinders
  • Door Closers
  • Exit Alarm Locks
  • Hinges and Door Hardware
  • Key Control
  • Kick Plates
  • Levers
  • Master Key
  • Mortise Locksets
  • Panic Bars
  • Residential Doors
  • Residential Knobs and Hardware

Specialized Commercial Doors

Storefront door pivots, jet hinges, surface hinges, and door closers are just some of the hardware that we can include in your installation. Call us for fast services and knowledgeable locksmiths who have the experience needed to get the job done. We can give you tips and advice on how to turn your door into a beautiful, secure asset for your home or business.

Types of Doors

Here are just a few of the doors we work on. If it has a key, entry pad or any other form of entrance, we can fix it, upgrade it or replace it.

  • Aluminum storefront repair
  • Wood door repair and lock installations
  • Door knobs, deadbolts and door hardware (We offer a wide selection of hardware choices, so don’t be afraid to ask.)

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Buckley’s Securitysmiths is a local locksmith and security company that you can count on for quality commercial and residential door repair and other locksmith needs. We are a licensed and insured company of professionals trained to open doors for you in Colonial Heights, VA, and the surround areas.

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