Automatic Door Opener

We Can Install ADA Compatible Automatic Door Operators

What Is An Automatic Door Opener?

Automatic Door Opener

Nabco Automatic Door Operator. Allows Door To Open By Sensing Users.

An automatic door operator allows doors to open and close automatically using a specific motion sensor and control panel paired with a gearbox. There are several types of operators, full energy, low energy, and power assist. Most commercial properties such as hospitals and groceries stores will use a low energy operator. The goal is to use a reduced rate of opening and closing speed to make the door safe for disabled users that may be moving slowly. 

Automatic Door Operator Installation

Buckley’s Securitysmiths has the manpower and know-how to turn your standard door into an automatic door by installing an electrically powered operator above it. This takes some planning and may require an electrician to run the proper voltage near the door. We can install an automatic operator on a sliding glass door, a folding door, or a swinging door.


Standard Door Closer, Not Powered.

What Is A Standard Door Closer?

If you have a standard door closer, it might look something like the picture to the right. These door closers also assist the doors closing but not opening and have hydraulic fluid in them. These closers are usually installed on restaurants, bathrooms, and backdoors. Our commercial locksmiths can repair or replace these door closers as well.

Whether you need help with an automatic door or a standard door opener, call Buckley’s today!

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