Card Access

Over our many years of service throughout the greater Petersburg, VA area, Buckley’s Securitysmiths has provided card entry systems and key readers to a host of businesses. This security measure can be an innovative feature to your property, and is especially useful for buildings or areas where access needs to be monitored and restricted.

As a convenient and reliable method of controlling entry to your property, our card readers and identification systems are built and installed professionally, and can potentially reduce your ongoing security costs.

Our company can provide automated entry systems that enable specific cards to be voided in the system quickly and easily, or card readers that can restrict access during specific time periods, such as holidays or non-business hours. We can even provide systems that automatically create an audit trail of when and by whom access was granted to specific areas.

Are you ready to take your property’s security to the next level of protection? Get in touch with us at 804-526-4305 today for the most reliable and efficient card access control systems on the market.